I Train Like an Athlete

I have been training with Andra since October 2014 and have gained a level of fitness I didn't think was possible. I have two children and wanted to gain my strength and overall fitness back after two C-sections. The fact that Andra is a corrective exercise specialist gave me the confidence to put myself under his guidance and work towards my goals. I have been working with kettle bells and have reached a level of strength and skill that I am really proud of. I look forward to his sessions every week, often twice a week. He keeps sessions fun, varied and challenging with a variety of equipment. We train in the park, which is motivating in itself and his professional, friendly and supportive manner make it a pleasure to put the hard work in each time. Throughout every session Andra repeats motivating and encouraging dialogue, which personally helps me get through that last repetition.

I would highly recommend Roig Rage Fitness to anyone who wants to get their body back.

— Naomi B.


"I was completely sore after my first session with Andra, but at the same time felt like I had accomplished so much. My workout was unique to my body type/weight. It was a relief to finally have a trainer who taught me why I was doing each technique. He explained so much to me and gave me so much information during the workout, things I still remember now and know I can do on my own when I am not training with him. My core felt amazing and I had all this energy after. I loved the fact that the session was outside and that he brought his own equipment. I also really appreciated the way in which he encouraged me to push myself. His approach was gentle but persistent – it made me, not want to give up on myself. I have had other trainers but nothing compares to Andra. Looking forward to the results and definitely excited about having him by my side to help!"
— Stormy P.


I look forward to Andra’s training sessions every week!  My usual training routine consisted of running a few times a week, but since incorporating Andra’s workout and techniques, I have noticed an improvement in posture and you get a total body workout.  I have prided myself on being quite a fit person but Andra’s sessions are intense and he encourages you to push yourself using his gentle yet firm approach.

Andra is attentive, thorough and a very well-educated trainer who is really knowledgeable in his field. He always explains what you are doing, why you are doing it and most importantly how it will impact you in your day-to-day life, which is really important when you are a mom of two and constantly lifting, carrying and running around all day.  Andra adapts his exercises so that they are right for you. He focuses on making sure that I get the right technique and postural alignment and his approach is inventive, refreshing and most of all fun!

Thanks to Andra’s class, I feel stronger and fitter than I have ever been!

—Gursev N.

Just Food Conference 2015

March 28th 2015,
Just Food Conference