Day 6 of my Water Fast

I'm so late writing this due to my crazy hectic schedule, but day six was great to me. No real hunger, just a feeling of accomplishment and relief. I did what I set out to do. I did not eat physical food for 6 total days. Only water. I feel alive. Refreshed. As if I was a car and I got every fluid in the engine changed. 

I've already started planning what I will eat when I decide to. You see I have to be very careful. I cannot eat meat or anything processed, due to my digestive system being asleep for days. Basically, I would make myself sick and that's the last thing I want to do. But by the end of today, I will have a food that I have been craving for. It will be something that I love, yet won't be a digestion killer. Pineapple. I'm craving pineapple and kale. That is what I'm planning to eat. 

The pineapple that I am about to eat. First solid in six days

The pineapple that I am about to eat. First solid in six days

What have I learned going through this adventure? Well I learned that my body can adapt and my will is as strong as I want it to be. I learned that research when doing new tasks is key to success. I also learned to listen to my body. My next goal is to use what I've learned as  a Corrective Exercise Specialist to fix my body. I'm not broken or anything, just unbalanced. That is my spring time goal. The heavy weights are being replaced with knowledge and calculation. How do I fix my back, how do I fix my knees, how do I lift smarter, not stronger? Those are the questions I will be answering in the months ahead. First up, rounded shoulders and shoulder impingement. Start date, Feb 16th. Join me.

Andra R.

Posted on February 13, 2015 .

Day 5 of my Water Fast

Starting Weight: 158lbs
Day 5 Weight: 149.5lbs

Finally, I feel a sense of balance. I feel great, I look great and the hunger pains have subsided. Don't get me wrong, I'm hungry, but it's a very manageable, low lying hunger pain. I honestly don't feel euphoria, but man am I in a great mood. I'm at work, with a big smile and an enthusiasm that I sorely was missing. My energy level is about the same, as my body is burning what little fat I have on my body. I've lost a total of 10 lbs, luckily none of it muscle as it usually takes two weeks of being sedentary and eating wrong for muscle atrophy to begin. Next week I'll be back in the gym but I'll be training a lot different and smarter. My goal this year is to fix my muscular imbalances.

From my rounded back, my curved lower spine, shoulder impingement and flat feet, I have a bit of work ahead. Since I'm an Certified NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, I will use the knowledge I have learned to fix myself correctly and safely. I'm 37 now and can't lift like I was when I was 30. I'm about functional movement now. Muscles will just be an after effect of my exercise. My priorities have switched and will focus on injury prevention and functionality father than muscle building. 

How do I feel about food? Honestly, no different. I was a pretty healthy eater before I started this journey. I will still eat meat and still enjoy my snacks. One thing that I am more aware of is what I will be putting in my body. I do want a more vegetarian diet, and to learn new recipes. I want to cook a more Mediterranean diet and I feel like my carb days are numbered. Will have a glass of soda here and there? Absolutely. Will I have a beer hear and there? Absolutely. But I will follow the 80/20 rule more closely which is 80% healthy eating plant based meals and 20% I can cheat a bit. I'm not a robot and never push for others to be.

Well I'm on to my last day of fasting. This has been an incredibly hard, yet rewarding journey. I hope that my will that allowed me to do this will allow me to continue after my fast is over. I look forward to the end result and look forward to eating again. I'm just glad that I was able to do it with the support of my family and co-workers. Check out a day 1 fast pic and a day 5 fast pic. 

Andra R. 

Posted on February 7, 2015 .

Day 4 of my Water Fast

Starting Weight: 158lbs
Day 4 Weight: 150.5lbs

Finally my hunger pains are gone! Well, not exactly, the hunger pains are just manageable now with only water. I did lose a total of 7.5 lbs though. I feel so motivated now that I'm through the hump of day three. Now day 6 is right in sight.  This journey that I took is showing some real results. My face is clearing up and isn't as puffy, due to lack of salt. I'm starting to get my energy back, much more than day 3. 

What I'm missing more than food is the gym. It's hard walking past the gym every day. I know I'll have to miss a few days next week until I get my energy back. Although I feel great my energy level is really low. At work I have to sit a lot because I'm on my feet running around so much. 

Have I had the euphoric experience that often talked about in fasts? No not yet. Although it was a much easier day, I'm far from euphoric. I'm more maintaining without debilitating hunger pains. I have been taking pics of myself to keep track of my progress. Here is one. My face is usually a bit more rounder and puffy looking. Also my skin has a nice color to it. On day three I looked gaunt and green in the face. Wonder what I was expelling from my body that day.  

Well I'm off to go home and crash. Let's hope day 5 is more "euphoric" than day 4. I have a feeling my mood is about to change. Sleep and water is my best friend right now. 

Posted on February 6, 2015 .

Day 3 of my Water Fast

Starting Weight: 158 lbs
Day 3 Weight: 152 lbs

I woke up on day 3 feeling good and started my day with a nice glass of water. After that first glass I was starving. I felt pretty weak until I started walking to work. An incident at my son's school didn't help matters as I was tempted all morning to have something to eat. I meditated and refocused on my mission of detoxification. 

To say the third day was hard, is an understatement. It was grueling. As a health coordinator, after 1 pm I am rarely sitting until around  8 pm. That's 7 hours of fitness, preparing food for my students, supervising my staff and being on my feet non stop. By 5 pm, I was so exhausted. All I wanted to do was lay down. While addressing my staff, I feel almost incoherent, thinking hard to put my sentences together. Luckily they know what I am going through and are supportive. 

I move like I am walking in molasses, slugging around and having to sit more. All I want is a burger and then a bed, but my will won't allow that. I had to leave a bit early from my 6 pm family meeting as the smell of all of the food and weakness is making me a bit sick. I went home and completely crashed in bed leaving my wife with two kids. The smells of dinner was intoxicating so I went to bed with my water beside me. Hopefully tomorrow will be an "enlightening" day.

Andra R. 

Posted on February 5, 2015 .